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Meet Flamer-man, the ultimate superhero, whose powers come from the nerds around internet who say silly things in online games to make their team feel bad.

In this game, your attack is based on what you write with your keyboard, with a character maximum. You move with arrows, charge your words with the keyboard and shoot with Enter.

Be careful, pushing Right Control will restart the game. I'll fix that as soon as I can.

Now, there are a lot of special words and a lot of enemies in the way. Will you be able to discover them?

Help Flamer-man fight against pissed off people in the street.

To play Flamer-man, you only need to download, no install required.

You can contact me on Twitter through @RaulKai.

This is my first ever game to upload and to make for a game jam. Every feedback is welcome!

Install instructions

The game is portable, you only need to run it!


Flamerman - The power of the word.exe 2 MB

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